European Warmongering Pushes Military Shares to Record; CO2 Falls

Is the military-industrial complex eating climate action’s lunch?

Weapons manufacturers up. EU carbon futures down Friday.

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  1. I would like to see you struggling with those poor Ukrainian soles having their homes blown to pieces and burned to the ground. I would like to see you hold your wife or your child as they die in your arms just to see if you would call the companies building those defensive weapons for Ukraine . . . War mongering . . .

    We should all be very proud of the Ukrainian People for standing up to this MONSTER . . . Vladimir Putin . . . They are standing up for democracy . . . they are standing up for independence they are standing up for freedom . . . including the freedom of speech that you ARE soo privileged to use . . .

    Before you Mouth-Off about ‘War Mongering’ try and put it in context in your own life . . .

    Better that you advocate boycotting McDonalds who have 750 stores in Russia . . . 80% company owned or Kentucky Fried Chicken who owns over 1,000 stores in Russia . . . be productive . . . Be Proactive . . .

    IF you want to do something useful with your blog space . . . ??


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