Can Someone Help Mr Trump Out? Higher Sea Levels = Less Waterfront Property, Right?

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  1. Mr. Carr, I would no more support Trump than cut off my own hand but You and All your Environmentalist Propaganda friends could do with a touch of basic Scientific education. What is a Guyer? How does it work?
    There are 5 in the world. The planet, Planet Earth is a centrifuge, like a washing machine, the more water you put in the ocean the more it spins out to the perimeter where it collects and spins and rises and applies downward forces on the mantle which, for the most part accommodates all the water added to the oceans due to melting . . . See Pages 29 – 31 . . .

    I was hoping that as a journalist new information is vital to your teaching profession . . . not obsession . . .


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