This is How Each Industry on Earth can Decarbonise: Show Them This if Someone Says it Can’t Be Done

If you are a government policymaker or investor and some business person is telling you decarbonization can’t be done. Show them this:

Transition Pathway Initiative’s sectoral decarbonisation pathways meet the demand from all
stakeholders – investors, companies, civil society organisations – for a credible,
rigorous framework for assessing corporate climate change performance, TPI said.

They are recognised by investors as the authoritative translation of the IEA’s
scenarios into credible performance benchmarks for industry sectors and for
individual companies: TPI

Cool tool here

The amount of work to do is still fairly overwhelming.


  1. Slight of hand and Carbon Trading can demonstrate some amazing successes . . . IF you ignore the FACT that ALL the improvements in the Western Nations have come by pushing OUR pollution to Developing Nations . . . Oops . . . we forgot. Look at pollution in India and China and . . . What Exactly . . . it is caused by? . . . You will find it ALL comes from production from HERE that moved THERE to evade Environmental Regulation . . .

    We Look Soooo clean, in the west . . . such GREAT policy initiatives . . . But NOW the world is just as polluted as before . . . just NOT in our back yards . . . There are none so blind as those who will not see !!

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