Instant Classic EV? Ioniq 5 Review


  1. As for EV’s size for size EV’s cause at least 15 % MORE CO2 than gasoline powered Vehicles . . .

    Proof is derived from one of the first and one of the first laws of physics OHM’s Law . . .

    Second from US government calculation oh CO2 produced including . . . Hydro, Solar Panels, wind farms and Bio-Fuels . . . Combined . . . . Not one News Paper has the Gonads to publish these facts . . .

    Please . . . maybe you can tell me why ?

    An excerpt from a letter I wrote to our two Canadian national news Papers . . . to silence . . .

    Respectfully, there are two sides to freedom of the press.

    Being denied freedom of expression by the press is another kind of suppression of free speech. Editorial decisions can limit free speech. Selecting which voices are to be heard is a form of autocratic bias. By exclusion, only those that are vetted may be heard. Right or wrong this is suppression of free speech.

    Vertical integration of Global Media ownership has limited the once broad-based hearing process where counterintuitive positions were proposed and could find a voice and a hearing in public opinion.

    Is this not why The # 1 journalistic principal of ethics is . . . Truth, Accuracy, and Objectivity ?

    Robert Oppenheimer – is quoted to have said . . .
    We do not believe any group of people adequate enough or wise enough to operate without scrutiny or without criticism. We know that the only way to avoid error is to detect it, that the only way to detect it, is to be free to inquire.”

    That freedom of expression is paramount in democratic societies worldwide . . . that freedom breaks down when elitist intellectualism stifles the voices of those who think and speak outside the ‘Mainstream Perspective’. Populism results because the common people, 80% of society, need to ‘feel heard and be heard’ even when the intellectual elite disagree.

    The movement to protect the environment is undeniably one of the strongest voices being heard throughout western democracies. A fantastic job has been done bringing man’s incessant destruction of the planet and its ecosystems into focus.

    Sadly though, within this well-intentioned service to humanity and the long-overlooked need to protect our planet, well placed individuals within the movement have disseminated false data and have manipulated research to make points based on their own personal views. It is extremely complex detailed analysis that most people do not take the time for, or have the aptitude to verify. We count on “Peer Reviewed’ Scientific research to accredit what we read. That said, a huge evolution has been made in science and technology through the digital sharing of information over the last 30 years.

    When mistakes are found in older research that has led to our current views, a stringent review is required. If that research shows dramatic inconsistencies or false assumptions then credibility collapses. When that review exposes a failure of the checks and balances within systems, the message, as currently accepted must be expunged from the record. Misinformation or exaggeration in the foundational science of any movement creates suspicion. Worse though, is that the researchers and the peer group from which these falsehoods ascend they become tainted as a whole. Pollution must be eradicated yes! Pollution is manmade yes! But Climate Change is eternally a natural event over which man has never had any influence. Members of international political hierarchies through the IPCC co-joined the pollution and Climate Change anomalies to amplify the message of man’s over pollution of the planet – the connection however is False and Scientifically Unsupportable.

    Most of the evidence I have accumulated is in the following two papers . . .


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